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There are many different types of Chinese tea — from black and green, to yellow, white, and oolong. Tea is best enjoyed between meals with some dim sum, a collection of bite-sized dumplings and pastries. If possible, tea should be consumed in a quiet and peaceful place, such as a garden, where one can take a break from the busy and stressful day.


Chinese cooking is an important part of Chinese Culture, also known as Chinese food culture. Chinese Cuisine is one of the three world cuisines (Chinese Cuisine, French Cuisine and Turkish Cuisine), and has a far-reaching impact on East Asian Region. The recipes come from various regions and ethnic dishes.


Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest and most diverse cuisines in the world. Two thousand years before the beginning of our era, people there ate noodles. Even today each province – there are twenty-three in total – has its own cooking style, based on regional ingredients and preferences. These range from wildly picked greens in the mountains and fresh, salty seafood on the northeast coast to the light, sweet accents of Cantonese cuisine. In Central China, where chilli peppers are rampant, people love hot spicy food, while in Beijing, lamb is a favourite.